Stoplights: A Lover’s Manifesto

Collaged from streetlights while driving, concert footage, and one of my favorite poems I’ve written, this speaks to the varying and unclearly defined forms of love and infatuation.


Gentle (Poem Video) – A Trust Fall

Above all else I mean for what I make to be beautiful – but I also want it to be meaningful, to shake the foundations of the Earth, to give kids like the one I used to be a hug. This particular video contains a message that’s close to my heart, told in a way that I think is meaningful, but I’m also placing a good deal of trust in my viewers, because unlike an anonymous blog post my face is attached to my message and my in real life friends may have a tmi moment…or learn something.

But that’s what art’s about for me – the trust fall. The needfull exchange. For every negative comment hopefully I’ll make a difference to a few people.

I’m a transguy – no surprise to most. I’m loud and I’m proud on the internet, but in my personal life loved ones don’t always take it well and a lot of acquaintances assume I’m a cis guy. Sometimes I let people thinking I was born male because I wish I was.

This one comes with a few trigger warnings. I’m saying what I need to say, how I need to say it, and I would love for you to be able to share in that experience, but if you think discussions of transphobia or partial nudity will be triggering for you, please don’t risk yourself.


I’m thrilled to be sharing my second poem video with you.

Logan Stallings filmed me outside the Hippodrome Theatre in downtown Gainesville two weeks ago. This one has been a struggle to make work, but I liked what I had too much to scrap it and start over. As much as I want each vignette to be the best it can be, I am learning as I go and I know I’ll never try to film without a tripod or in front of traffic again!

If you like what you see please drop me a line and pass this along.

Well-Kept Secret Poem Video

Like a music video, only not. This is the first one I finished and posted, more soon to follow.

This project has been something like a year and a half in the making, in the sense that I knew music videos could be applied to poems in a way that would make them visually interesting and perhaps more accessible, and I’m exhilarated to be on my way to making it happen.