New Video Poem! Before You Looked

Art poem of the last week, or that time when I hallucinated selfies and mused via bird metaphors. Everything, good or bad, happens to us inside the body. The body becomes an 8mm projection.

My first full blown video poem in a while. I’m really pleased with the increases in quality since my last releases, and having a lot of fun using more effects and playing with a partially pseudo “stop-motion” effect (selfies in succession etc). When I said I was influenced by L’étranges couleurs des larmes de ton corp, I partially meant I’m obsessed with switching between film and chains of still images after seeing the way the effect was used by directors Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. (For more on the state of internal operations that fomented this video, see the last entry.) I don’t necessarily recommend the film if you have issues with violence or sexual violence, however. It was a bit traumatic. 

I don’t think I’m the kind of person who goes for skill and technique so much as the kind of person who attempts an emotional wrenching -documentation – and a phantasmagorical sensory experience if all goes well. So – this is that at least.

Your comments and responses are welcomed & cherished here and on YouTube.


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